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Portable Storage Unit

Why Claremont College Students LOVE Storage Valet?

Mary C

Scripps College Class of 2018

I freakin' LOVE storage valet- you guys helped me a ton all the years I was in college. You guys are very timely and easy to use, you remembered to contact me that school was ending for the year. The unit could fit so much stuff, my possessions were never damaged/lost. Your customer service is outstanding.  Your staff is very approachable, you all have names at the end of your emails and it's clear you are all real people with senses of humor. I wanted to let you know, that y'all ROCK.


10,000+ Claremont College Students served since 2007


If you’re looking for a no-hassle solution for storing your belongings while you are away for the summer break, the winter break, or while you spend a semester or a year abroad, check out Storage Valet’s mobile storage service.

Summer Student Storage made SIMPLE

So, here's how easy it works...

1: You Order Online

Fast and affordable. Each unit holds up to 4 Students stuff.

2: We Deliver

We'll deliver by the day you request with any supplies you ordered inside.

3: You Pack & Load

Take your time and let us know when you're done. Remember to lock it up!

4: We Pick-up & Store

We'll pick up your stuff and take it back to our secure storage facility.

5: We Re-Deliver

When your storage term is near the end, we'll check with you about when to redeliver your stuff.

6: We Pick-up Empty

No need to even contact us, just remember to leave it empty and unlocked. We check the Campus daily for empties!

Storage Valet Portable Storage Containers

Where will we place your mobile storage unit?

  • Pitzer College: Your mobile unit will be placed in the East Mesa Parking Lot on the parking spots closest to Claremont Blvd.
  • Scripps College: Map of the approved drop off locations.
  • Pomona College. Map of approved Pomona College drop off locations.
  • Claremont McKenna College: Contact Lyn Hughes at the Dean Of Students Office.  She will assign a spot for you as close as possible to your dorm.
  • Other: We will place the unit as close as possible to your dorm.

Have questions? Give us a call at 877-748-2538.



You only have to pack, load and unload once

You pack it, then we take it away when it’s convenient for you

Your belongings are secured with a lock for which only you have the key

You can access our storage facility at your convenience at no charge

Allisyn R

Claremont, CA

“As a college student, Storage Valet is the only storage company I will ever use for temporary storage.  They have made the process so student-friendly and hassle-free.  The prices are low to begin with, but get cheaper when you share units with others, and they are very accommodating of that.  Drop-off and pick-up are effortless, and there is no limit to how long a unit can stay at your location.  There are no hidden fees, no need for extra insurance, you can even provide your own lock if you’d like!”

Spring+Summer Pricing
March - August

For just $499 you'll get:

  • 5' x 8' Storage unit delivered right to you
  • Storage at our secure facility, all summer long
  • Delivery and pickup of your unit, both now and when you return to campus.

Summer Pricing
May - August

For just $375 you'll get:

  • 5' x 8' Storage unit delivered right to you
  • Storage at our secure facility, all summer long
  • Delivery and pickup of your unit, both now and before Fall semester begins

Have questions?

We can help answer all your questions regarding our mobile storage solutions.