No matter how organized you think you are, there are many details that can slip through the cracks when you’re planning a move. For that reason, we thought it may be helpful to provide you with a checklist of things to do as your moving date approaches.

So it’s time to plan your move, have you:

  • Made a list of everyone who needs to be notified of the move – relatives, friends, creditors, schools, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Taken inventory of each room and decided what to keep and what to get rid of.
  • Planned and advertised a garage sale or contacted your local charities for donations.
  • Started using things that can’t be moved, such as bleach and aerosol cleaners.
  • Booked your flight and asked Storage Valet for a referral to a company that will ship your car(s).
  • Arranged for a rental car?
  • Made travel arrangements for your pets, including necessary medical and immunization records.
  • Filed a change of address with the post office. If you are unsure what your new address will be, ask the postal service to hold your mail in their office in your new city.
  • Scheduled the disconnection of all utility services at your old home, and connection of them at your new one. Be sure to disconnect the day after you leave and connect the day before you arrive. If you have “last month” deposits with services, such as the water or gas company, request your refund.
  • Called your newspaper courier and set a date to cancel your subscription.
  • Made sure all dry cleaning or items out for repair have been picked up.
  • Properly disposed of flammables, corrosives and poisons.
  • Had your car(s) inspected for a long distance move.
  • Transferred your auto registration to your new location.
  • Arranged to use the elevator on your moving day, if necessary.
  • Contacted your bank and/or credit union to transfer or close accounts.
  • Cleared out safety deposit boxes.
  • Gotten cash for “on the road” expenses.
  • Notified any creditors of your move.
  • Planned meals for the last week of the move to help empty the refrigerator and avoid using appliances that will already be packed.
  • Assembled a folder of important information about the house for the new owner of your home, including appliance warrantees.
  • Filled any prescriptions or medications you will need during the transition period.
  • Notified friends and family of your new address and phone number.
  • Drained all gas and oil from your mower and other motors.
  • Emptied gas grills, kerosene heaters, etc.

What about your records? Have you:

  • Gathered medical and dental records – including prescriptions and shot records.
  • Arranged to have school records transferred to your children’s new school district.
  • Made copies of any legal and financial records you need.
  • Called your insurance agent to see what changes to expect in your policies.
  • Arranged for veterinarian records to be transferred.
  • Contacted health clubs and other organizations you belong to and asked how you can end, sell, or transfer your membership.

Now that you’re ready to pack, have you:

  • Made an inventory of the items that you will be packing, and completed the container estimator. This will also give you an inventory list that will help when it comes to loading the containers.
  • Ordered boxes and other packing supplies. Storage Valet offers a wide selection packing supplies that can be delivered along with your container(s).
  • Started packing things you won’t need during the next few weeks. Disposed of the items you’ve designated for a yard sale, donation or the junk yard. If you donate, be sure to get a receipt for income tax purposes.
  • Prepared a box of “essential” items you will take with you, such as daily medication and toiletries.
  • Designated several boxes and items as “last load” items.
  • Packed your suitcases and valuables separately.

You‘ve decided to go with Storage Valet. Have you:

  • Gone to the packing supplies page and ordered any necessary supplies, so they can be delivered with your containers.
  • Decided on a delivery date for your Storage Valet container(s). This will be the day you receive your empty container(s) and have them left for loading.
  • Planned ahead for parking. Remember you’ll be receiving a predetermined number of containers, which will require an appropriate area/foot print per container (based on the container size).
  • Contacted your property manager or local authorities to ensure you will be complying with any rules or restrictions.
  • Reviewed and signed the electronic documents, and made sure that the destination and contact information is correct.
  • Reserved your Storage Valet container(s) online or by calling 877-959-3751. This should be done as far out from your move as possible to insure availability and convenience. Schedule the containers to arrive 4-5 days before the scheduled move out. This will give you the flexibility to load the containers at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Your Storage Valet container(s) is on it’s way. Have you:

  • Made arrangements to be present when Storage Valet delivers your container(s).
  • Figured out where you want your container(s).

Your Storage Valet container(s) is here. Have you:

  • Familiarized yourself with our packing and loading tips as you are ultimately responsible for how your goods are packed and loaded in your containers.
  • Emptied, defrosted and cleaned your refrigerator at least 24 hours before moving day.
  • Prepared all appliances you are taking with you for loading.
  • Saved “last load” items for the front of your container. This might include your vacuum cleaner or bed sheets.
  • Checked every room, closet and cabinet one last time before deciding everything is loaded.
  • Locked your Storage Valet container(s). You can provide your own locks, or you can purchase them from Storage Valet.
  • Called Storage Valet at 877-798-2538 when your container(s) are ready to be picked up.
  • Verified the number of containers being loaded by the driver and sign the documentation when Storage Valet picks up your containers.

Now that your house is empty, have you:

  • Taken note of utility meter readings just in case of a discrepancy later.
  • Left a note with your new address in the house so that future residents can forward any stray mail.
  • Kept a friend or family member informed of your plans and where you can be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Informed the police that the house is vacant.
  • Made sure a relative and the real estate agent has keys to the house if it has not yet sold.
  • Made sure that all appliances are turned off if you are leaving them behind.
  • Locked all windows and doors.

You’re ready for your Storage Valet container(s) to be delivered to you. Have you:

  • Worked with a Storage Valet representative to schedule delivery of your containers.
  • Planned ahead for parking.
  • Taken time to look things over and to ensure your new utilities have been connected.
  • Checked appliances and systems to ensure all are working properly, and
    arranged for any necessary repairs.
  • Checked to see if your mail is making it to your new address or pick up any mail being held.
  • Decided where you want furniture and appliances placed.
  • Figured out where you would like the driver to put your containers.
  • Arranged to be present when your containers are delivered. If you are unable to do this, work closely with a friend or representative to accept your shipment.

Now that you have your Storage Valet container(s). Have you:

  • Realized how wonderful it is that you can unload at your pace.
  • Contacted Storage Valet to have the empty containers taken away after you have finished unloading them.

You’re settling into your new life. Have you:

  • Researched your new community online.
  • Contacted the local Chamber of Commerce for their “new resident” packet.
  • Kept all receipts and documentation in your move file and stored the file in a safe place. (You’ll be glad to have everything in one place at tax time.)
  • Gotten your new driver’s license and new tags for your car.
  • Registered to vote in your new precinct.
  • Contacted the local paper for a new subscription.

And last but not least, have you:

Called Storage Valet at 877-798-2538 one last time or visited our website to let us know how we did. We appreciate your honest and objective feedback. It helps ensure we provide the best possible service moving forward.