Have Stuff You Need to Store at Your Home or Business?
Get the Perfect-Sized Storage Unit for Your Needs!

Solve Your Storage Problems

How much onsite storage do you need? Avoid paying for excess space by choosing a storage unit (or combination of storage units) from Storage Valet’s three money-saving options:

8' x 5' x 8' portable storage containers
16' x 8' x 8' portable storage containers
20' x 8' x 8' portable storage containers

Residential Use: Onsite Storage for Short-Term Projects

Give Storage Valet a call if you’re planning a garage redo or quick remodel, need to pack up after fire or water damage, or just have things you need to move out of your house but keep handy for immediate access.

You’ll be able to choose the size storage container that’s right for you. The 5’ x 8’ containers are big enough to hold about 1 to 1-1/2 rooms’ worth of furniture and possessions, but small enough to easily fit on your driveway or in your front yard.
The 8’ x 16’ containers will hold quite a bit more – about 3 to 4 rooms’ worth. And the giant 8’ x 20’ containers, which has doors at both ends for easier loading, will hold 4 to 5 rooms’ worth of things.

Commercial Use: Inexpensive Onsite Storage

These steel containers are perfect for organizations that want to gain onsite storage space at a fraction of the per-foot costs of other options.

Some of the many possibilities include:

  • Use as an on-site warehouse
  • Store flammable or hazardous materials that cannot be kept indoors
  • Expand your document storage capabilities
  • Create temporary storage for events
  • Store clients’ belongings during restoration and rehab projects

Contractors: Safely Store Your Equipment and Supplies at the Job Site

Keep everything you need right there at your construction site, in one of these durable, weather resistant 8-foot, 16-foot or 20-foot storage containers.

Enjoy Easy Delivery

Your storage units will be delivered to your business or home and placed exactly where you want them. With our special “mule” forklift, all we need to place the larger containers is an 8-1/2’ opening to access the area—which means we can place them where the other guys cannot! Plus, all of our containers are typically available for next day delivery within a stated 2-hour delivery window. No need to spend all day waiting for your storage container to arrive.

Watch our agile forklifts deliver our containers!

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