Enjoy Easy Delivery

Your storage units will be delivered to your business or home and placed exactly where you want them. With our special “mule” forklift, all we need to place the larger containers is an 8-1/2’ opening to access the area—which means we can place them where the other guys cannot! Plus, all of our containers are typically available for next day delivery within a stated 2-hour delivery window. No need to spend all day waiting for your storage container to arrive.

Easy and Quick Portable Storage

3 Storage Container Sizes to Choose From

How much onsite storage do you need? Avoid paying for excess space by choosing a storage unit (or combination of storage units) from Storage Valet’s three money-saving options:

8' x 5' x 7' or 8' portable storage containers

FROM $59-$69*

* = depends on length of rental. Excludes pick-up and delivery costs.

Our 5’ x 8’ containers are big enough to hold about 1 to 1-1/2 rooms’ worth of furniture and possessions, but small enough to easily fit on your driveway. Order 2 or more to keep the stuff from multiple rooms nice and organized.


FROM $195-$295 *PER MONTH

* = depends on length of rental. Excludes pick-up and delivery costs.

Or you can choose to “go big.” You can fit about 3 to 4 rooms’ worth of stuff in each 8’ x 16’ container, and about 4 to 5 rooms’ worth in the 8’ x 20’ unit.

Whichever you choose, our amazing forklifts can place your storage units anywhere that has an 8-1/2 foot-wide opening (most of our competitors need a lot more room)—and keep it level the entire time, even when it’s full!


As a college student, Storage Valet is the only storage company I will ever use for temporary storage. They have made the process so student-friendly and hassle-free. The prices are low to begin with, but get cheaper when you share units with others, and they are very accommodating of that. Drop-off and pick-up are effortless, and there is no limit to how long a unit can stay at your location. There are no hidden fees, no need for extra insurance, you can even provide your own lock if you'd like!

Allisyn R.

Claremont, CA

What sets Storage Valet apart from other similar companies is their customer service. As a customer I do feel like they want me to be happy, satisfied, at ease with handing my things over to someone I don't know and that's exactly how I felt. I think Alex is great. He works with you to get what you need. and Tom, the driver is great too. He's so good about putting them just where you asked, even in a very tight situation. All in all, this company is what I would call "a good neighbor". Thanks Storage Valet! my things will be safely with you another couple of months

Ronda H.

Long Beach, CA

I have used Storage Valet for storage and moving two times now. Both times I needed special arrangements. What sets Storage Valet Apart is their willingness and ability to solve problems with moves. Both times I chose them over my Employers suggested van lines because Alex at Storage Valet was totally solution oriented where the rest just wanted me to comply with their policies.

Omid Z.

Glendale, CA